Never miss out on a finishing kit again! Sign up for SMS texts to know when the pattern and fabric are live.

If you sign up for SMS texting, we will only text you two times a month, once to let you know the pattern and fabric are available, and the next morning to let you know when your 24-hour head start is ending.

How to download your FREE patterns …

Just login to your account with the email address you signed up with and all of the Stashin’ with Stephanie patterns will be available for FREE automatically.

Make sure you click on the pattern name under the “Download” column in the downloads section of your account or your email invoice. If you click on the pattern name under the “Product” column, it will just take you to the product page.

If you need a visual walkthrough of this, we cover it in the first section of the video above where you can watch me login, apply my coupon and download the patterns.

When will my first bundle ship?

We ship all bundles by the 20th of each month FOLLOWING the payment. That means whether you ordered on the 1st or the 31st, your bundle will ship the NEXT MONTH by the 20th.

We do this for two reasons … First it allows us to prepare exactly the amount of bundles ordered, leaving more fabrics for you all to purchase using your exclusive discount code. Second, it gives everyone the same opportunity to purchase additional fabric using their code. We often sell out quickly, so this is important to keep the club fair for everyone.

That means if you sign up between the 1st and 19th of the month, you will be charged for your second bundle before you get a shipping notification for your 1st bundle. Don’t panic. Nothing is wrong. We’re hard at work cutting and folding thousands of fat quarters. You will get your fabric.

This also means that if you ever need to take a break and you cancel your subscription AFTER your payment has come out, then you will receive one more bundle the following month. Please do not freak out if this happens. We have not charged your account again, we are just sending you the fabric you already paid for.

Why hasn’t my finishing kit shipped yet? Your website says you ship in 3-5 business days and it has been longer than that.

If you haven’t gotten a shipping notification for your finishing kit or extra yardage within 3-5 business days of your purchase, please check your invoice to see if you ordered an item that is listed as PRE-ORDER or BACKORDER.

The Stashin’ with Stephanie subscription club has grown significantly, particularly the demand for finishing kits. Orders for fabric are typically placed six months in advance, so with our additional orders for background fabric sometimes we are waiting a bit for a part of your kit to arrive before we can ship.

We are always incredibly upfront and probably over-communicate when items are not available to ship right away. But we spend a lot of time answering emails from frustrated customers who didn’t read our emails or product listings to know the item they purchased is a backorder or pre-order.

As soon as the backordered fabric does arrive, we work very hard to get it shipped to you as soon as possible.

We need you to do your part and fully read product descriptions so you can have realistic expectations on when your order will ship. It will make you happier, and give us more time to cut and ship your order faster once the backordered fabric does arrive.

What is a finishing kit?

Finishing kits are the missing fabrics you need to turn your Stashin’ with Stephanie fat quarter bundle into the full quilt Stephanie makes each month.

Typically it includes background, binding and the fat quarters that you did not receive in your bundle. Many times the finishing kits have variations that are labeled as A, B, C and so on. Please check your bundle tag to know which finishing kit your need to match your bundle.

If your bundle hasn’t arrived yet, please check the email we send you with links to the new pattern and fabric, to know which one you received.

We typically release the new pattern and finishing kits around the 25th to allow time for the bundles to reach subscribers before we put out the new pattern and video tutorial.

If you just signed up for Stashin’ with Stephanie and want the quilt we made this month, please order a FULL KIT, not a finishing kit. That is for subscribers who already have a bundle of the fabric featured in the kit. You will not have enough fabric to make the full quilt, if you just signed up and then order a finishing kit.

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