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Twist Tie for Non-Medical Mask Nose Clip Alternative

In an attempt to protect our community, healthcare workers and caregivers who are running low on personal protective equipment, we are making twist ties available free with a small shipping fee to anyone that would like to use them as a makeshift nose clip when making masks.

The video above shows you how to use them at 22:56.

There is a limit of 100 twist ties per order. The ties are plastic on the outside.

Here are links to the original patterns I followed in this tutorial. Please visit their websites to get the printed instructions: Surgical Style Mask from Deaconess:

Mask with Replaceable Filter Pocket from Sewing Therapy:

Here is a link to a database of agencies that are asking for masks:

If you want a bias tape maker, get one at this link:

If you need elastic, get it at this link or join the wait list if temporarily out of stock:

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Out of stock