Reflection ‘A’ Quilt Top Finishing Kit – for Stashin’ with Stephanie subscribers

If you have the ‘B’ or Blue bundle at home, this is the Finishing Kit you want.

Combine this finishing kit with your March Middsommar Stashin’ with Stephanie bundle to complete the Reflection quilt top. This finishing kit for Stashin’ with Stephanie subscribers includes 12 fat quarters of the ‘A’ or red colorway of Midsommar by FIGO Fabrics plus 3/4 yard for binding.

About Reflection

The design for Reflection came to me in the middle of the night while feeding my newborn daughter. It was back when life was normal, and I thought a rainbow bargello would be a fantastic way to highlight the beautiful color transitions in Midsommar by Pippa Shaw for Figo.

Now that we are all stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, I feel like a bright rainbow quilt is the perfect antidote to the blues that can come with social distancing. And since it is a quick project, you can snuggle under it and feel better soon when it is done.

I quilted this using a simple wavy line design that you can absolutely do on your home sewing machine. We have a tutorial showing you how that you can watch here:

And if you typically send your quilts off and need to know how to layer and baste your quilt as well, you can watch our tutorial here:

We’ll get through this. Happy Quilting.

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