Full Line Stencil – Sweethearts Meander #30466

SHIPPING NOTE: Our next shipment of Sweetheart stencils will arrive at our shop on Monday, February 17, and we will ship them out within 24 hours of receiving them. We sold out of our initial stock very quickly, so order your Sweetheart stencil on backorder today to make sure you get yours later this month. Thank You and Happy Quilting!

This is one of Full Line Stencil’s most popular stencils – undoubtedly because it’s got that winning combination of simplicity and beauty. If you’re looking for a way to quilt your heart and soul into your quilt either for yourself or a loved one, this stencil is perfect.

Stencil size: 11″ x 17″

For use with the Pounce Pad

Available on backorder



Available on backorder