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Quilter’s Dream White Dream 80/20 Batting – Twin size

Quilter’s Dream Natural 80/20 Batting – Twin size – 93″x72″

The Dream Fusion is now available in the Dream Fusion Natural Cotton – Request & Select Loft and the Dream Fusion Poly – Select Loft. We have taken the Dream Cotton and Dream Poly and ‘infused’ them with soft fusible fibers – so that you have the softness, quilt-ability, and drapeability of the Dream Cotton and Dream Poly – with the added convenience of being fusible!

Dream Fusion is a wonderfully convenient option for combining the qualities of Quilters Dream Batting while eliminating the need for pinning and basting …. and even sewing on smaller craft projects!

It is so easy…. Simply place the fusible side (a little bit more texture and shine than top side) against the back side of your fabric (back side to back side)… set your iron based on your fabric… with Wool or cotton setting being the best for quicker fusing. Slowly iron the fabric (not the batting) from the center out – keeping heat and light pressure slowly moving in each area for a few seconds…. then allow to cool…. then quilt, sew, embroidery or let your imagination run wild!

Once quilted, Dream Fusion batting is machine washable and machine dry (cool settings suggested) and may be dry cleaned.

Dream Fusion is solvent-free it’s use is environmentally friendly. …and your hand, short-arm or longarm needles will not ‘gum up’ while using Dream Fusion.

You may stitch as closely together as you like or as far apart as 8″ apart with Dream Fusion Cotton and up to 10″ apart for Dream Fusion Poly.

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