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T-Shirt Quilt Interfacing

Select your preferred quilt size variation below to get the interfacing you need for your next T-Shirt Quilt project!

This product is the best interfacing for T-Shirt Quilts as recommended by Stephanie Soebbing, the creator of Quilt Addicts Anonymous.

It’s more economical because it’s 45-inches wide which makes it perfect for cutting 12.5-inch squares from without a lot of waste. Plus as a woven fabric with fusible applied to one side, it’s much easier to get flat T-shirt blocks and pressed seams without them getting too bulky.

Check out the Quilt Addicts Anonymous T-Shirt Quilt Pattern and Video Tutorial Series by clicking here.

Fusible Woven Weft Interfacing from Staple Sewing Aids | 45″ WOF

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