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Tropical Grove Finishing Kit – Available in Lap or Twin – For Stashin’ with Stephanie members

Combine this finishing kit with your May 2021 Stashin’ with Stephanie bundle to complete the Tropical Grove quilt top featuring fabric from Forage by Sarah Gordon for FIGO Fabrics. The Lap (pictured) finished size is 48″ x 48″. Twin finished size is 48″ x 72″.

This finishing kit for Stashin’ with Stephanie subscribers includes FIVE extra fat quarters to complete your Forage collection plus background/binding fabric to complete the Tropical Grove quilt top.

There are SIX variations of Finishing Kits this month. We sent out A, B and C bundles this month, and you’ll have to select your preferred size as well. So if you received the A bundle at home, you will want to order the ‘A’ Lap or ‘A’ Twin Finishing Kit. If you got the B bundle at home, you will order the ‘B’ Lap or ‘B’ Twin Finishing Kit, and so on. Just figure out the size you want that goes with your letter.

Note to new subscribers: This finishing kit is meant for Stashin’ with Stephanie members who signed up on or before April 30, 2021. If you signed up in May and you are interested in making this quilt, you will need to order the complete quilt kit.

Additional Finishing Kit info

One thing to know about this month’s finishing kits, you are going to have a good amount of fabric left over if you choose to do the lap quilt. That’s because we are giving you enough variety to create the fade as shown above and the fabric is used unevenly across the different color values.

If you choose the twin option, you will still get the same number of fat quarters, but we’ll send you extra background and binding fabric. You’ll have plenty to make the blocks, but the fade is not going to be perfect, so you’ll have a scrappier look.

Both will look great, whichever one you choose is dependent on if you like a clean fade or scrappy and if having extra fabric left over at the end of a project bugs you or not.

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